Monday, August 24, 2009

Town Parties

I often mentioned I went to town parties, but you may wonder what they exactly are.

Most villages around here were built between 700-400 year ago (there were settlements even earlier, but the structures that remains nowadays are mainly the medioeval ones), and during the town feasts there is often a revocation of medioeval life, showing traditional games, food, crafts, jobs that may have have been tramandated through time but nowadays in disuse.

I went to a nice town party last month in a village closeby, where the close relationship between a local powerful family and the the Vescoval principate of Trento was also underlined. Every year, in the main square, a representative of this family judges facts and people that have been the talk of the town. The show, in a “square-court” setting, was at the same time hilarious and informative. The square, like in the old time (and during the soccer world cup), becomes once more a meeting point where locals and “foresti” (strangers), youths and elders, meet to share experiences and talk about hot topics.

All accompained, in honor of the best italian tradition, by abundance of tasty food and wine!

Enjoy the pics!Pictures from the process:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I am back!

I am back on the scene! Happy?
These past 2 months illuminated me with a bright new light and, even if my body often felt tired, my spirit has been strong and still adventurous.
Also, that famous tan I could not get in 3 years in Polynesian, well, I got it here in a couple of weekend in the mountains.
Renouncing to a nice job in Hawaii has been a hard choice for me, but after all, after so many years away from home, a sabbatical year taking just care of myself won’t hurt me at all. And the Alps are such a wonderful retreat!
I rented a small flat in the village where my mother was born, strategically located not too far from one of my favorite paragliding launching spots. My grandma had 12 kids in this village, and she likes coming here to go to see her merry aged friends. I just love looking at her, sitting in the kitchen after a night out, wearing her silk blue night vest with a braided dragon on it. She is so cool.
I like this village; my neighbor has a garden and gives me fresh vegetables once in a while. There is a place with cows where I can take fresh milk and cheese. There are plenty of apple trees and grapes, the houses are made of rocks and wood and marble (we are in a medieval village). For me, after so many years living as a foreigner, being in a place where everybody knows your family gives me a nice feeling of ownership.
Now that I finally “settled down” somewhere, I got internet and, in the same way as I enjoyed sharing with you my Polynesian experience, I would similarly like to learn and describe life in the Alps. Enjoy!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Given the last twists in my life, i decided to shave my head, wear orange and disappear in a cave up in the mountain. Unfortunately, I could not find any nice cave with good pizza service near by.
I therefore decided to simply backpack in the Alps for while and dedicate myself to a life of meditation and search of the truth of my real self, enjoying the local cuisine of the many Rifugios that will welcome me.
A dear friend from the Rock just arrived for a visit and tonight we will start together to hike the Alta Via of the Dolomites...
I will be away from the blog scene for a long unannounced time. I may reappear somewhere in Hawaii, in Mongolia, or on your doorsteps. Or maybe still be here.
To my dear friends, I will be randomly reachable by mail, telephone or on radio on channel 8;
to all my readers, thanks for being with me this last years and half;
to the police, "i wasn't there, and if i were i was sleeping".
In short, my dear friends, I am happy, but busy fixing old family things. August will bring few answers, in the meanwhile, I will be "ooohhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"....
Lots of hugs and love to you all!
Barbi super-estar con los ojos vierde mariujuana...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Volare oh oh

Few days ago I went out for dinner with 2 of the most illuminated people I know, and since they both happen to be paraglide pilots, we talked a lot of the beauty of flying. “Why do you fly?” was one of the questions. It is hard to answer in words, since it is not a rational decision that can be elaborated in your head, but it is more a strong energy wave that passes through every cell of your body telling you to go.

It has not always been like this. On my first flights I was surely scared to death and could feel the adrenaline running through me, but with time I learned to take full control of my feelings, my body and to a lower extent, of my wing. (I saw Andrea flying with my wing in strong condition, the wing seemed to be an extended part of his body, it was beautiful to see. I am not closely this expert).

Inspired by different whitewater kayakers that I met in 2008, since the start of this year I have been longing for some excitement. Returning to the sky flying was maybe a physical gesture that symbolized I am back to myself, strong and alive.

When flying I am in a zen status. Nothing exists outside that moment, there is no past and no future (interrupted by few automatic nearly unconscious calculations on where to land, the height from the ground in relation of my vertical and horizontal speed…), and at the same time I am part of the whole world, I am suspended thousand of foot above the ground by an invisible mixture of gasses. It is magical. The air plays with my wing shifting my weight, lifting me up or pulling me down, and I react to it to keep the control.

Mother nature is playing with me and I am playing back.

Maybe this is why I love and crave for flying so much. And surely there is much more, but that, you will only know when you fly!
(the pictures were taken by Andrea)

Friday, June 19, 2009


I know I disappeared from the blog scene for a while and my entries are being fewer and fewer. Truth is, it would be a sin to stay home here, and when I am home i am simply physically in need to sleep. Or, if it is raining and i need to be home, chances are that the internet connection won't work.
I have never been covered with so many bruises in my whole life like in the past month.
My knees are black from the rock climbing, my hands are blistered from the Ferrata (I should explain this tipical Alpinian activity better one day), my arms are buised by the paraglider strings (which lay there when you are taking off from the mountain), and two days ago i even got a nice well-defined black eye, while flying from one side to the other of a catamaran after being violenty hit by a wave (I was leaning out weigting the boat down).
All my relatives asked me if I am seing any violent guy while, on public transportation, the kids left me the seat (like I were an old lady!).
Soon after I left the island last febraury I recieved a nice job offer which I postponed because, after 11 years travelling like a gipsy, I truly needed to take care of some things here in Italy. With the end of June, I now start feeling pressure to get everything done soon, if by september I want to be fully funcional in (I will wait a bit longer for the scoop, do not even try to guess!). Given the dimesion of the goals I want to achieve by September, I am truly working about 30 hours a week toward them, buffering any free time with all sort of "mountain-games".
Yesterday I had a great flight (and taking off and landing! ;-)) from the mountain close to my house, I turned a little thermical, and I feel incredibly in peace with myself. A part the fact that I love my wing (which the some other pilot called "matress" because, to be honest, it is in effect a very old stlye... I bought it 11 years ago now!), I also got a nice feeling up there in the sky. I can do it, aua le popole.
The big town party of Trento is coming soon (feste vigiliane)... there will be raft races, old medioeval games, fooooooooooodddddd, tortures, music, a weekend of intense party followed by another week of activities... That makes my think i better go to sleep now to be fresh tomorrow!

Proverbio del giorno (by Ivan --mi ha fatto ridere troppo):
"Siam tutti ricchioni col culo degli altri"

Saturday, June 6, 2009

il mio destriero

She is definitely a female, but I do not have a name for her yet... I do not think she is coconut proof as my old truckosaurous, but runs great anyway!

friday nights at my grandma

well, i wasn't there last night because i went out for a pizza with my brother, my sister in law and my cousin Lisa, but I thought about some of you which my enjoy this video... At the battery my uncle Tony and then my cousin Tommy (the guy I am living with)... This room was built in the garage beneath my grandma house... she is so cool! ;-)

About me, I have been seeing Andrea a lot, but we did not fly much due to weather (strong wind and bad clouds too lately). He did try out my wing (which other pilots call "the mattress" because, in effect, it is a bit old style and slow respect the new designs...) in strong wing, which gives me some peace of mind (not that I would be able to hold it in strong weather, but at least I know it won't break).
Turns out that Andrea's family and mine are from the same village (my granda moved to other one ~40 years ago), and consequently my grandma could tell me everything about his family history (and how Andrea's dad was hiding in her house when playing hide-and-seek), while his father was to show me the house were my mam was born. It was really in a way a return to the origin!
Since I could not fly much, I have been rock climbing a lot. Few years ago my ex and I were going mad looking for a place to climb, now I see that there are places everywhere! Most villages on the mountain side of a nice site for rock climbing withing few minutes. I have been to 3 different sites only last week. My sister-in-law organized a while ago a blind date with a guy that climbs (we meet in front of a castle... how romantic! ;-)!), and through him i met a lot of other guys to climb with...
the house hunting is going slow, but i am making progress in other fields...